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Independent Living Centre (ILC) is a centre for disability community that aim for empowerment. Other than focusing on the aspect of building life purposes, skills to live independently are also given to make sure they are ready and aware on how to start self-sustaining. They are taught to have full responsibility on themselves and to defend their rights as an individual in a society. ILC didn’t view impairment as a barrier for OKU to involve themselves in society.

The first ILC was established by Ed Roberts in 1972 at Berkeley, California. He was the first OKU to be accepted to study in California University. Ed Robert suffered a disability due to polio that result him to use wheelchair and respirator.  In university, he received services and facilities including peers counselling that helped him to raise his spirits. After graduating, he no longer able to have access to the facilities.  Therefore, with the help of his family and friends, he established ILC that offer services like personal assistant for OKU to help them in learning to live independently.

Ed Robert’s effort gained attention and support from the society including political leaders until he successfully founded ILC. The philosophy of IL which is the basis for the establishment of ILC has been made as one of the efforts to mobilize and fight for the rights of the disabled to enable the disabled to live independently. That’s how ILC began to be introduced and expanded to the rest of the world.

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In 1999, a few of us with disabilities decided on believing that self-respect and self determination are very important to take more control of our lives and to work towards equal opportunities as a result the birth of the Independent Living & Training Centre took place to promote our Independent Living Movement within Malaysia. 


Independent Living & Training Centre, Selangor and Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur is a non-profit, charitable organization established on 6th September 2001 and is registered with the Malaysia Registrar of Societies (ROS).

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Our Services


The ILTC Malaysia offers the following services to the disabled community:

  1. Counseling

  2. Personal motivation

  3. Disability information and advice

  4. Driving lessons and familiarization of the car and motorbikes

  5. Computer training

  6. Self-development programs

  7. Technical assistance and training

  8. Handicraft, etc.

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Aims & Objectives

  1. To facilitate self-development and to install inspiration and determination to face all challenges in life.

  2. To provide on information center for disabled people to obtain guidance and professional advice from the expert.

  3. To promote the standard of living amongst disabled people in Malaysia to technological development, education, self awareness, and human rights.

  4. To provide a training center for disabled people to acquire vocational, technical, and educational skill in order to obtain employment.

  5. To provide a venue through which employment could be arranged for the disabled people.

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  1. Training in Independent Living

  2. The centre offers a six month training programme in independent living to any person with disabilities particularly those with spinal injury. Activities carried as part of the as follows:

    • Independence in the activities of daily living.

    • Accessibility and mobility inside and outside the house.

  3. Instructions driving for the disabled.

  4. Recreational activities - swimming and outings.

  5. ​Skills Training Programmes:

    • Working skills training (computer knowledge, languages, handicraft, etc.)

    • Living skills training (cleaning, cooking, marketing, motorbike riding, etc.)

    • Physical training (sports, exercises, etc.)

    • Leadership training (planning, leading, managing, etc.)

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