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The Independent Living Centre (ILC) is a centre that offers basic services to empower the disabled. Other than focusing on the aspects of self-determination, Independent Living (IL) skills are provided so that the disabled are better prepared to start a self-sufficient life. The disabled also have full responsibility for themselves and are honored as individuals in society.

ILC is open to all disabled especially those living nearby and among disabled people with severe disability / disability with severe impairment. The centre also targets disabled people who want to start their lives independently, who have been in an institution for a long time or under the care of family members. 

The ILC was established in line with the 11th Malaysia Plan (2016-2020) where the establishment of 7 ILCs is stated under the B6 Strategy, Empowering People with Disabilities (OKU). As at the end of 2020, a total of seven (7) ILCs can be established where two (2) ILCs have been operating in 2019 and another five (5) ILCs established in September 2020.

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