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Services Provided in ILTC


i. Peer Counseling

In each ILC need to provide Peer Counseling (PC) services led by the disabled.


iii. Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant Services (PA) is an important service to encourage and support independent living for disabled people with severe disabilities. PA carries out tasks to help the disabled in taking care of themselves such as urinating, bathing, wearing clothes, cleaning the house, shopping, babysitting, and helping to create social networks such as bringing them to visit their families, neighbors and so on.


ii. Independent Living Programme

This programme should be conducted by Peer Counselors (PC) who have experience in going through the twists and turns of life to support and encourage other disabled people to continue living independently..


iv. Information and advocate support service

ILC is also a centre where the disabled can obtain information on assistance services, employment, acts and government policies related to the disabled as well as advisory services to deal with government agencies.

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