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Pandemic Effect to ILTC

Pandemic Covid-19 has been affecting everyone, doesn't matter what the social status is. Most of us are losing sources of income, needing two or three jobs to sustain basic needs, some people even lose their home and many more untold stories. We hear and see you. Now is our turn to tell our stories and how affected we are by the pandemic.

  • Downsized Funds and Less Donation

As a non-profit NGO, we rely heavily on funds given by the government and donations from the public. However, with the pandemic going on, we noticed how we got lesser and lesser donations.

  • Received Less Volunteer

It’s understandable and aligned with #KitaJagaKita that people choose to not volunteer during this critical time in Malaysia. However, it means less workforce for us here for our daily operation. We have been trying to do everything by ourselves, but find it hard to juggle the duties. So to ease and make everything manageable, we decided that we need to hire assistants which means extra funds needed…

  • Difficulty in Getting Healthcare

Our healthcare is busy saving lives, and for this reason it’s hard for the non-emergency cases to get treatment. We are also scared to be exposed in the hospital environment so for anything less serious like getting wounds treated, we choose to treat it by ourselves at the centre. For anything critical, of course we went to the nearest health centre which is a private hospital. We pray it will get less busy in the hospital so everyone in healthcare can get a break~~

  • Gadgets Obstacle in Getting Education

It’s not news anymore that some children are getting academically left behind due to not having proper gadgets. Our minors are facing the same thing too, with only an old PC in the centre to do all the paperworks and etc, even us adults have to take turns.

We have just listed down all the major issues we are facing during the pandemic. It’s true that we aren’t God, but we can be Guardian of Disability (GoD) and do good. To lessen the burden on our shoulder, donate here:

Affin Bank:




For more information about us, visit here

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